Content Creation

Taking notes!

 People in the ‘Creative’ industry always say, “I want to do something, I want to get a bunch of people together and finish something.”  Then fear creeps in, they often start to think about these unknown variables, where will I find the time, how do I get it done, and the biggest of all, how do I FUND it?

The conversation

Time and time again, among various different creatives.  We have all been the subject to this “reality check”, but there has to be a better way.

What we are building!

We are Soliloquy Productions. A grass roots production studio that gives back the power to the creative, you own your creative content, you own your IP!

You need not worry

We will take care of the over head, things like; Project Management, hiring, legal, funding, and anything else your project may need. We want you to focus on creating and we will take care of the rest.

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